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Pick and Choose Buffet Catering

Our Pick and Choose Buffet Catering offers a versatile dining experience. Guests have the freedom to select their preferred dishes from a diverse spread. This interactive approach to dining allows individuals to tailor their meals to suit their tastes and dietary preferences.

From hearty and savoury mains to vibrant and refreshing salads and delectable desserts, the buffet presents an array of options to satisfy every palate. Whether it’s a casual gathering or a formal event, this flexible dining style promotes inclusivity and encourages guests to explore new flavours and combinations.

With its emphasis on variety and abundance, Pick and Choose Buffet Catering ensures that everyone leaves the table fully satisfied, encouraging a friendly and pleasant atmosphere among guests. Keep reading to learn more about our buffet catering service!

Our Menus

Pick and Choose Buffet Catering offers a unique blend of personalisation and culinary adventure in our menus, elevating the experience of any event. This catering style allows guests to indulge in their favourite flavours while encouraging them to explore new culinary delights.

With up to six menus to choose from and a wide variety of dishes, guests are presented with an overwhelming array of options. The abundance of choices ensures that everyone finds something they love, leading to a delightful state of indecision as they are spoiled for choice.

Read more to discover our menu selection at Rasel Catering. Prepare for a culinary journey that excites the palate and creates unforgettable memories for all in attendance.

Halal Selections/Certification

Here at Rasel Catering, we offer halal buffet catering in Singapore, ensuring we prepare and source food in line with Islamic dietary regulations. Our Halal certification attests to the company’s dedication to adhering to halal standards in terms of the following:

  • Products
  • Preparation techniques
  • Overall food management

Confirming the legitimacy and authenticity of this certification allows guests to be assured that the food supplied satisfies their religious needs and instils faith in the catering service. Moreover, our dedication to halal selections ensures everyone can enjoy various food at events.


When considering buffet catering services, accurately estimating the headcount or size of your event is crucial. This information guides caterers in planning the quantity of food required to ensure all guests are well-fed.

Our Pick and Choose Buffet Catering can accommodate a minimum of 25 or 40 guests for any event. Confirming a final headcount allows us to tailor our offerings and portions accordingly, ensuring a seamless dining experience for all guests.

Additionally, clear communication regarding the expected or additional number of guests helps caterers deliver exceptional service and avoid any potential issues with food quantity on the day of the event.

Cuisines and Occasions

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Our buffet catering services offer a versatile array of cuisines to suit various occasions. Whether it’s a corporate luncheon, a wedding reception, or a casual gathering, buffet caterers can tailor menus to match the theme and preferences of the event.

With six menu offerings, you are spoiled for choice with our buffet selections that are perfect for every occasion. Here is our selection of cuisines and the occasions we can serve.

Western buffet

A Western buffet brings sophistication and indulgence to any occasion. This buffet menu delights guests with an array of classic dishes from the Western culinary tradition. From succulent roasted meats to creamy pasta dishes and crisp salads, the menu offers a taste of familiar comfort with a touch of gourmet flair.

Fusion Buffet

Fusion buffet catering offers a delectable array of traditional and contemporary dishes that tantalise the taste buds. From savoury stir-fries to succulent dim sum and aromatic noodle dishes, guests can savour authentic Fusion cuisine’s rich flavours and textures. With its diverse selection of dishes, a Fusion buffet provides a satisfying dining experience suitable for any occasion.

Corporate events

Buffet catering services are ideal for corporate events, providing a convenient and flexible dining option for business gatherings. Whether it’s a company meeting, conference, or networking event, buffet setups allow attendees to enjoy a variety of dishes while accommodating different schedules and dietary preferences. The informal yet professional atmosphere fosters camaraderie and facilitates productive interactions among colleagues and clients alike.


Weddings are popular occasions for buffet catering, which offers a flexible and inclusive dining experience for guests. Buffet setups can accommodate large numbers of attendees and provide a variety of dishes to suit different tastes and dietary preferences. This catering style allows guests to mingle freely, creating a lively and comfortable atmosphere that complements the celebratory nature of weddings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the food be presented on the buffet table?
The food at our buffet catering events is meticulously presented on tables adorned with elegant tablecloths and decorative accents. Each dish is thoughtfully arranged to showcase its colours, textures, and flavours, ensuring an inviting and visually appealing spread that entices guests to indulge in a culinary feast.
Do you handle set-up and clean-up of the buffet table?
Absolutely! As part of our comprehensive buffet catering service, we handle both the set-up and clean-up of the buffet table. Our professional team ensures the presentation is immaculate, and the area is left spotless after the event.
Do you provide staff for the buffet?
Yes, we provide professional staff to assist with the buffet setup, replenishment, and service throughout your event with an additional charge. Our experienced team ensures a seamless dining experience, managing the buffet stations efficiently and attending to any guest needs or inquiries.
What happens to leftover food?
Leftover food from our buffet catering is handled responsibly. We aim to minimise waste by implementing portion control. However, a way we prevent this is to finalise the headcount before the event to ensure there is not an abundance of leftover food after the event.
Do you have any restrictions on the type of chafing dishes or warming equipment used at my venue?
We have minimal restrictions on the type of chafing dishes or warming equipment used at your venue. Our team ensures that the equipment meets safety standards and is suitable for maintaining food quality and dietary needs. We’re flexible and work closely with venues to accommodate your specific requirements for buffet catering setups.
Can I see photos of past buffet events you’ve catered?
Certainly! You can view photos of past high tea events we’ve catered to in our gallery. We showcase a variety of setups, menu options, and presentation styles to give you a glimpse of the elegant and delectable experiences we create.