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High Tea Reception

High tea receptions exude a timeless charm, inviting guests to indulge in a refined culinary experience steeped in tradition. This elevated affair goes beyond mere refreshment in the evening, offering an array of savoury finger sandwiches, traditional kuehs, delicate pastries, and refreshing drinks.

Whether held in an elegant tearoom or amidst the lush surroundings of a garden in the evening, the atmosphere is one of sophistication and relaxation. The menu’s simplicity allows for meaningful conversation and connection, fostering a sense of camaraderie among guests.

From corporate gatherings to intimate parties, a high tea catering for your reception is sure to captivate guests with its understated elegance and enjoyment. Paired with stylish decor and impeccable service, it is no wonder it’s a favourite choice for those seeking a sophisticated yet refreshing moment at an event.


Our high tea reception catering selection celebrates Singapore’s culinary landscape that blends traditional and Western delicacies to create a diverse and delightful spread.

Traditional offerings may include bite-sized versions of local favourites like satay, Nyonya kueh, and steamed kaya bun, showcasing the rich flavours of Singaporean cuisine. Complementing these are Western-inspired treats such as shepherd pies, sandwiches, and delicate pastries.

This fusion of flavours and textures caters to a wide range of tastes, making a high tea reception a truly indulgent and memorable experience for guests.

Halal Selection

We offer halal high tea catering in Singapore, ensuring that every aspect of your event adheres to Islamic dietary laws. Our selection features a delightful array of halal-certified finger foods, savoury pastries, and sweet treats meticulously prepared to excite your palate. From classic favourites to innovative creations, our halal high tea catering menu selection offers something for everyone, providing a memorable dining experience that reflects our commitment to quality and inclusivity.

Difference Between Afternoon Tea and High Tea

High tea receptions are popular, but what is the difference between them and afternoon tea? Can they be used interchangeably? The truth is that they do differ, with the main difference being their timing and components.

Afternoon tea is typically served between 3 and 5 PM and consists of dainty sandwiches, scones, cakes, pastries, and a selection of teas. It is often served in elegant venues like teahouses or hotels.

On the other hand, high tea is served much later in the day, usually between 5 to 7 PM. As it was historically a meal for labourers and miners who were ending their workday, high tea typically consisted of hearty dishes like meats, pies, bread, cheese, and refreshing drinks. Additionally, its name originates from how the meal is often served at higher tables with high-back dining chairs.

Simply put, afternoon tea is a light, elegant affair typically enjoyed in the mid-afternoon, while high tea is a more substantial meal served later in the day, often including heartier dishes alongside refreshing drinks like tea or fruit punch.

High Tea Reception Buffet

Our high tea reception buffet doesn’t just stop at offering a selection of mouth-watering bites and refreshments; we also offer aesthetic decor and exceptional service to create an ambience that is sophisticated yet inviting.

Our high tea buffet catering exudes elegance and charm. It is suitable for various events, including bridal showers, corporate receptions, and evening celebrations. Guests can indulge in a delightful array of sandwiches, pastries, and drinks while basking in the refined atmosphere we meticulously curate for each occasion.

We strive to ensure everyone can enjoy the food at an event in an elegant and charming ambience. Contact us today at +65 6777 7183 to elevate your event with our exquisite high tea menu selection!

High Tea Etiquette

High tea receptions are elegant and charming because of their adherence to traditional etiquette. The high tea etiquette encompasses several refined customs and practices that enhance the experience of this elegant tradition:

  • Sitting posture: Guests should sit upright with their backs straight and shoulders relaxed, demonstrating poise and elegance.
  • Napkin usage: Napkins should be placed neatly on laps and used to dab the mouth delicately when necessary.
  • Teacup handling: Teacups should be held delicately with the index finger and thumb while the middle finger supports the bottom. Gently stirring the tea prevents clinking against the cup.
  • Drink pouring: When pouring drinks, guests should avoid overfilling cups and offer to pour for others before serving themselves.
  • Conversations: Engaging in polite conversation with fellow guests is encouraged, but talking with a full mouth should be avoided.

Observing these etiquette guidelines adds grace and sophistication to the high tea experience, making it a delightful and charming social ritual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you cater to dietary restrictions?
Yes, we do. Whether guests have dietary preferences such as vegetarian, halal, gluten-free, or specific allergies, our menu offers a variety of options to accommodate their needs. We ensure that everyone can enjoy our culinary delights without any concerns.
Can we add extra food items to the menu?
Absolutely! High tea reception catering services often allow for customisation, including adding extra food items to the menu with a surcharge. Whether it’s additional mains, pastries, or sweet bites, Rasel Catering can accommodate requests to tailor the menu to the preferences and needs of the host and guests.
Do you offer a kids’ high tea menu?
Unfortunately, we do not offer a kids’ high tea menu. However, we are able to cater to a kid’s high tea reception with our existing menu offerings, featuring a selection of sweet and savoury bites and refreshing drinks.
Do you provide dishes, linens, and tableware?
Yes, we provide a wide selection of dishes, elegant linens, and quality tableware to complement the ambience of any event.
How far in advance do I need to book?
Booking for a high tea reception catering typically depends on the caterer’s availability and the size of your event. It’s advisable to book at least a few weeks in advance, especially for larger gatherings or during peak seasons, to secure your desired date and ensure a smooth planning process.
What is your cancellation policy?
Upon booking confirmation, a catering order cancellation will incur a penalty of 50% of the total food price. If the cancellation is made only within 24 hours from the event date, a penalty of 100% of the total food price will be imposed on the customer.
Do you require a final headcount?
Yes, a final headcount is essential to ensure sufficient preparation of food and beverages. We allow you to increase the number of pax, but you must inform us three working days before the event date.
How much does high tea catering cost?
Our high tea catering is priced from $15.90/Pax to $35.90/Pax before GST, with a minimum of 30 and 50 pax depending on the menu selection.
Do you handle set-up and clean-up?
Yes, we handle both set-up and clean-up. Our professional team ensures that the venue is beautifully arranged before the event begins, and we take care of cleaning up afterwards, allowing hosts to relax and enjoy the occasion without any worries about logistics.
Can you provide staff to serve the tea and food?
Yes, our high tea reception catering service includes professional staff to serve both tea and food. Our trained team ensures that guests are attended to gracefully and efficiently, allowing them to enjoy the food and beverages fully.
Can I see photos of past high tea events you’ve catered?
Certainly! You can view photos of past high tea events we’ve catered to in our gallery. We showcase a variety of setups, menu options, and presentation styles to give you a glimpse of the elegant and delectable experiences we create.