Lunch time just got snazzy.
Besides feeding people at school or work, bento is also served at corporate events and seminars.

Call us now to get delicious bento delivered right to your doorstep for your upcoming event!

VALUE BENTO SET (From $6.80+)

Discover our exciting new addition – Value Bento Box, for an affordable and quick bite for lunch or even dinner. Our bento box are individually packed and healthy portion-controlled meal!

This bento box is a convenient option for those who want to dine in comfort in your office or for running between meetings.


 (Not Available till Further Notice)
Bento Box for those who are limiting non-essential contact with others and movement during this period.
– Convenient; delivered to your doorstep (opt for non-contact delivery)
– Freshly prepared meals by our team of professional chefs
– Save the hassle of meal preparation and clean up
– Wide variety of cuisines including vegetarian

PREMIUM BENTO BOX (From $30.00+)

When it comes to preparing for an important meeting or small corporate event, impress your guests with a whole new experience of presentable and suitable meal, unpacking the ultimate dining experience in the comfort of your own place.

Our Premium Bento Box brings together premium ingredients and gets all the bases covered, taking you from appetizers to dessert in just one package.